Demons: A Personal Piece Inspired by Imagine Dragons



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I’ve listened to Demons by Imagine Dragons several times but just now I felt a REAL connection to the song. You know that moment when just-another-catchy-tune suddenly becomes one of the melodies that reflects you inner side, right?

The idea is this: What Sirius says to Harry about the world not divided into good people and Death Eaters is true. We have both sides inside, and everyone is given the desire to be understood and accepted, no matter how unworthy they are of it.

(Un)fortunately, we live in a world where we are encouraged to accept people with all their perks and flaws. It’s a virtuous notion that’s easier said than done. What’s unique about human beings is that they have this inborn trait of effortlessly justifying the flaws of themselves and condemning the flaws of others. Each wants to win and be granted with a pedestal, so that people can look up to them. Everyone wants to look good – regardless of the different perceptions about what is good – so they cover their dark side with a brighter side or even a fake darker side to gain sympathy. In short, everyone is naturally selfish.

It goes without saying that selfishness is a push towards bad deeds, bad words, and bad thoughts. It’s the centre of the darker side of human mind. It’s what makes the demon inside us. Yes, for those of you with the difficulty to follow this roundabout, we have a demon inside.

Having this demon or monster inside does NOT make us demonic or monstrous. It makes us, well, humans. No matter how saint-like we want ourselves to be, we can’t let go of the monster. We CAN dim the light of its reign inside us but we can’t turn it off. Sometimes it can control us, make us do the things we don’t mean to, and make us feel insecure that we shoo the closest people away.

However, we can’t fool ourselves; we need those people who stick with us. They may not easily accept us, may not be able to dim the dark light, but they’re willing to. All we can do is to let them look into us. Let them help when your surroundings force the demon out. Don’t look away or close your eyes, but open them and let them force the truth inside. While it’s not okay to condemn other people for their flaws, it’s not okay either to bring ourselves down for ours. It will be easier to accept people if we have accepted ourselves.

We ALL have both sides. Acknowledge them. Embrace them. 

-Dhania Sarahtika


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